General questions
Galley delivers delicious meals on an affordable budget. We deliver fresh, chef-made meals prepared from scratch to your home or office ready for you to eat in minutes.
Galley was founded in 2014 to make eating well simple. Our busy lives make eating well on a daily basis increasingly hard. Too many of us are overfed, undernourished, and spend too much on the wrong things. We want to make amazing food conveniently available at an affordable price to everyone.
All of our meals are between $10 - $16. Prices are inclusive of tax, delivery fee, and gratuity. There are also no minimums, subscriptions or commitments of any kind. You can order as often as you want, whenever you want.

Yes we do! We currently have two gift card options available for you to purchase:

These are approximately a 10% discount off our retail prices. Each gift card comes in a hand-wrapped box with your personal message that we can ship to you or directly to the recipient. The gift cards can be redeemed for any meal on our site.

We love feedback. Shoot us an email at or call us at 202-930-3663

All of our staff are employees at Galley. We believe that all employees deserve access to benefits and overtime pay and have hired employees, not contractors, since we founded the company.

We call our delivery team “servers” because we think they are different than any other food delivery team out there. We hire personable servers, similar to what you’d experience in a fine dining restaurant, to help drive home the value of choosing Galley each day.

Getting Started
Nope, totally free. We are not a subscription service and don’t charge fees of any kind. You can just create an account and order whenever you want.
Both our lunch and dinner menus are available online and on our iPhone app. You can view and order dinner up to a week in advance! The menu changes daily so there will always be something new for you to try.
Yes! The Galley iPhone app is available for download here. You can order lunch or dinner in a few taps.

We hope to have an Android app available soon.

Lunch Ordering and Delivery
No, all lunch orders are done on-demand. You can start ordering at 11:00am and we will deliver your lunch order curbside within 30 minutes. Our lunch service ends at 1:30pm.
In order to maintain our speedy delivery times for everyone, we are asking that you meet us curbside for lunch deliveries. We’ll send you a text message when we are a few minutes out and let you know when to meet us outside for quick delivery. We can also leave your lunch with the security or reception desk in the lobby if your building allows that.
Yes! There will always be at least one vegetarian dish on our lunch menu. We will typically feature a salad, a sandwich and a heartier bowl with one of those options being vegetarian. We will also include at least one gluten-free item each day as well.
Once placed, lunch orders are considered final. If you have any questions or entered information incorrectly that needs fixing, please contact us at or 202.930.3663 and we’ll be happy to help resolve any issues.
We do indeed! Getting Galley for the entire office is a great idea. You can order up to two weeks in advance for lunch orders over 10 meals. There are no additional catering fees and cleanup is a breeze with our individually designed meals. Email for more info. We’ll get back to you right away.
Dinner Ordering and Delivery

At Galley, we want you to be able to place your order whenever is best for you. You can order up to a week in advance by scheduling delivery within a 30-minute window or you can order when you’re hungry during dinner-time for delivery in under 30 minutes. If you order before 5pm, you’ll choose a 30-minute window. Any orders after 5pm will be delivered as swiftly as we can get them to you.

Yes, On-Demand ordering is now available in our entire delivery area from 5-8:30pm, offering dinner delivery within 30 minutes from when you order.

If you have any questions or entered information incorrectly that needs fixing, please contact us at or call 202.930.3663 and we’ll be happy to help resolve any issues. All orders after 5pm are considered final, so we cannot cancel those, but we are happy to help resolve any issues.
Our dinner menu will either have a pescatarian or vegetarian option every day. We make sure the menu has a couple vegetarian options every week.
Food & Sustainability Questions
The Galley culinary team is comprised of fine dining trained chefs, with a mix of both catering and restaurant experience. Our team comes from many cultural backgrounds, allowing us to entice our customers with dishes from around the world.
Galley leases a 5,000 square foot production kitchen is Ivy City in Northeast Washington DC. Our kitchen is certified and inspected regularly by the Department of Health.

Yes. We pride ourselves on just that. Instea of serving Chicken Parmesan using a store-bought tomato sauce, we’ll spend the 4.5 hours making our oven-roasted tomato sauce from scratch while you’re at work. All you have to do is enjoy it when you get home!

The only finished products we bring into the kitchen are the pasta and bread that we use. We work with DC-based providers to source both of these. Lyon Bakery supplies all of our bread, De Ceccio provides all of our dry pasta, and La Pasta is our go-to for fresh pasta. Everything else is made in-house.

We work with local distributors to source the best ingredients we can find. They are the same suppliers that provide other fine dining establishments in the Greater DC area with their produce, dry goods, meat, and seafood as well. We require all of our providers to be able to trace the ingredients back to its source and adhere to nationally recognized sustainability practices.
We do! We use organic ingredients whenever possible. This is determined based on local availability, product quality, and market price. Most organic products travel great distances year-round to reach our kitchen, so when organic products are only available from other countries or the west coast, we will source local products instead.
Absolutely! We use local produce and ingredients whenever possible. During the summer months, as much as 60% of the produce we purchase will come from sources within 150 miles of our kitchen. In the winter, that percentage decreases as very few items grow naturally in the Greater DC area.
We use wild seafood when its population is sustainable in its wild habitat. When we can’t source wild, we’ll use the highest quality sustainable farm product available. We follow the same standards as brands like Whole Foods Market to provide the best product to our consumers while protecting the environment.
All of our meat, poultry and dairy is hormone free. All of our chicken is also antibiotic free.
We include ingredients on our website and mobile app for each meal we make. Just look for the “Ingredients” link below each menu option.
We label each meal on our website and mobile app for the specific allergens it does not contain, including “Gluten Free”, “Nut Free”, and “Dairy Free”. We use the recommended procedures to avoid cross contamination within our facility. However, we cannot guarantee that any meal is completely free of a specific allergen.
Unfortunately, we cannot take any special requests on any of our meals. To be able to offer our service at our current prices, we cannot offer any customization.
We are working on making both calorie counts and nutritional information available soon. We aim for our meals to be between 600-800 calories for a well-rounded and filling meal.

We use packaging that is 100% certified biodegradable and compostable. Our supplier is the only company in North America that has consistently been ranked as the most eco-friendly packaging option. Our tan fiber trays, clear PLA lids, silverware, chocolate wrappers, and napkins are all certified compostable.

Our bands, labels, and bags are all 100% Recyclable and made from at least 95% recycled materials. It’s the most eco-friendly option currently available on the market.

Heating & Plating
We wish every oven was made exactly the same. Our heating instructions are based on our tests in 3-5 models of ovens that are a couple years old. Older ovens will require more time to heat. Newer and convection ovens will take less. We encourage you to check your meal every 2 minutes the first time you try Galley to figure out how long you should heat meals going forward.
Yes. Since the tray is made from wheat fiber and is safe in both the microwave and oven, sweating will occur in some cases to ensure the tray doesn’t overheat. This is completely normal.
Add 20 seconds in the microwave or 1 minute in the oven to reach well-done. If you’d prefer your protein on the rarer side of medium, remove 30 seconds in the microwave or two minutes in the oven.